Sunday, June 23, 2013


   - The prophet is here. What's new?
- No one listens to a prophet in his own land. He doesn't have what gets people to listen.
- And that is money or power. What if he does?
- Then he doesn't talk, he acts.
- Maybe he has to talk first to find people to act with.
- Like us? But the time comes when prophet and company feel a need to stop talking and do something. Then they find that though rich and powerful actually it's just he same as being poor, because any significant change in their private lives threatens them with death.
- Why?
- Because they've used their power and money to build up a picture of themselves that makes them feel safe, and that picture is built with the things money and power has brought them. A stranger taken into their lives alters the arrangement of things that creates essential security. They have wealth and power, but use them to isolate themselves from each other. They can talk, but they're all prophets in their own lands, unable to do anything with each other about what they say to each other.
- We're rich and powerful prophets who gather and meet to hear each other out then all go home alone. We like what we say to each other but we don't like each other.