Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Google

Dear Google,

Perhaps you noticed me writing a story called "Do The Jews Really Worship The Devil?" You have a rule against publishing attacks against any identifiable group in society, so I hasten here (really delayed by about a week) to explain.

I identify the Jews by a principle of conduct which I clearly specify: the cautious, provisional application of rules for the sake of learning to love the best and most beautiful. I try to exercise that very conduct when I write about this social group, a member of which I have the honor to be, at least according to my own principle of identification.

If I make criticisms of this social group, it is solely in respect to their failure to live up to what I have specified as their identifying characteristic. To the extent that they fall justifiably under scrutiny they have no place in the category.

I do not express hatred of the class as a whole, since my critique places me as a member of the class and I love myself enough to say it is probable I am right in my conduct; and as I said, if I am right the people who are the object of the criticism fail to be a participant of the class under presumed attack. Jews acting in the character of Jews cannot be guilty as charged.

If I were in fact guilty of hate speech and hatred of the entire group The Jews, which of course I deny, I would have the honor of being the only extant instance of the species.

Dear Google, I hope you understand all this. It's a little complicated for such a big company.

Yours truly,

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