Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Once Upon A Time Wife


There she is, maybe, my once upon a time wife. Once in time and wife don't combine, not even in fairy tale because once and wife is like asking what's outside the universe and what happened before time began. A wife is an everything and standing outside everything where are you?

You are in your thinking and thinking is invisible. Thinking is not anywhere, not even in the universe which is everywhere, so when I saw my wife, 2 years of not seeing her, this my wife who was my universe I am nowhere, I stand in no time at the before the beginning of time and look on from nowhere as she waits on the opposite side of the street for the light to change, to cross the street with the dog maybe I saw last as a little puppy. And I let her go.

There goes my wife, I say. I am back in the world of time and space, knowing better now when it's too late than to ask what's at the end of the universe and the beginning of time.