Tuesday, June 3, 2014


(From Killer Metaphysics)

- We should try to go through this fast.
- Ok.
- Prostitution: one person sells the use of their body to another. For the period of time the paid for body is rented a mind might be free to make ground breaking discoveries in physic or biology, as unlikely as that may be, but body is not free, and cannot accompany mind in its discoveries.
- How can a body accompany the mind in its discoveries?
- When drawn to someone out of liking, physical attraction, for them we enter into conversation and are led places we've never been.
- We can't do that all the time, so maybe its not a loss if we take a break in selling ourselves in prostitution.
- It is necessarily a loss. Whenever we engage in relations to people as things we want again to establish relation to people as things, a habit develops. The force of habit makes us blind to everything else in the world, including the world of people who attract us in an uncertain way into conversation with them to make discoveries.
- Entering into prostitution closes the door on creativity. For both buyer and seller?
- For both buyer and seller. However the buyer cannot want to buy a human being without having already compromised his ability to live creatively, whereas the seller usually is still young and creative and only life and death necessity forces into prostitution.
- Prostitution is the uncreative destroying the creative.
- Prostitution is the uncreative destroying the creative. We don't need to know more.

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