Monday, October 21, 2013

The Lower Depths (2)

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- Guess what I was thinking about today?
- What?
- Your saying your friend David, the sexual pervert lying real estate speculator, had the wisdom of Solomon.
- I didn't say that.
- You did. You said you were a fighter for the truth, he had the wisdom to look behind appearances to see the truth.
- I don't remember. What did you do today? Besides.
- It's been a filled up full moon day. At the Century City Shopping Center I was asked by a filmmaker if I could come to the last minute first test screening of her new film. I was available. I'm always available. At 6:45 I'd found the side entrance to the screening room of William Morris Endeavor, big time movie agency. Funny name, raises the question why its a struggle to be William Morris. Know what Cary Grant said to the fan who told him he didn't look like Cary Grant: "Who Does?" The filmmaker was standing by the door on Camden Dr, "You made it," she greets me. I ask her about the movie I'm about to see, she asks me what I do. Write teaching stories. Teaching what? That's the problem, not teaching anything that'll help anyone make money. But the last story I wrote maybe somebody would make into a movie, about an anarchist revolution in the USA, it teaches how to keep everyone from making money. Maybe that would sell. More people are arriving and the filmmaker turns away without a word to greet and meet. Fair then that that I walked out in the middle of her screening and made my way back from Beverly Hills to Century City. I walk along streets of houses and was thinking what a nice quiet safe neighborhood this was when I hear a man talking loudly into his phone behind me and running footsteps. I stop to let him catch up, ask what's going on. He says he saw a man get murdered, the killer run away. Where? On Beverly Glen, around the corner. He called the police, waited 15 minutes, got scared standing by the bleeding dead body the murderer would return, and went to his house on this block. The police finally came, told him to go back. I let him run on ahead. I followed at a distance, was in time to see the body being loaded into a fire department ambulance.
- Why did it take so long?
- Police arrive in Beverly Hills in 3 minutes. This was across the border in L.A., where apparently it takes 30 minutes to respond to a murder. If you can't make them money at the movies they turn their backs on you, if you can't die in Beverly Hills they'll let your corpse bleed on the street. If you're a perverted exhibitionist real estate speculator some people will slobber all over you with dog like loyalty and say you have the wisdom of Solomon. A prostitute, actually my wife, once told me she always could find one quality in her customer to like and ignore the rest of the package.

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