Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't You Care?

- You're precious to me. I have to take care of you so you'll last. Sit down. I'll cut your nails.
- You don't have to. Why am I precious to you?
- I know you'll never leave me.
- You'll leave me before I have a chance.
- Don't you care?
- What can I do about it?
- You could leave me.
- You just said you know I won't.
- You could leave me first, when you know I am going to leave you. That's what I do.
- Remind me when the time comes.

In spite of all, because of it all, life is beautiful with her. She says she is not really beautiful, only knows how to make the most of her good points. She does stretching exercises every day, runs for for 40 minutes, is dedicated to her singing. She tells me she loves me. Do I love her, she asks? How could I not. She cooks for me, sneaks downstairs in the morning to read the notes I am making. She wants to know everything about me.