Monday, July 19, 2010

Stupidest Man Alive

The stupidest man alive has to be one who thinks he's in the running to be the smartest, so I am a good candidate.

This is what my wife's ex-husband just wrote me about her, my first ever words from him:

"If you want my advice, stay away from her, she is not normal and plays the same game with everybody. She cannot be helped, and cannot help herself; she is sick and will drive you crazy! Try to forget her and live your life."

About a month before his writing this, my wife had flown from Budapest to meet him at his house in Thailand. A bold move on her part. The ex-husband, Gabor Balthazar by name, had been egregiously but legally tricked by her out of about $50,000. She went to try to get him to stop the prosecution of her in Hungary and immanent trial for fraud.

Let's look at this carefully. When I sponsored her visa for permanent residency in the U.S., because neither of us could show a regular flow of money, we had to between us produce proof we had assets amounting to $100,0000. Gabor put $50,000 dollars in a bank in both his and ex-wife's name, got a bank statement showing the balance for the ex-wife to take to the U.S. Embassy, and he immediately left instructions for closing the account the next day.

While this was happening in Budapest the wife calls me at the house in the countryside, explaining the situation. She tells me the branch of the bank where this transaction was concocted was already closed, but there was another branch at the West End shopping center still open. Did I think she might be able to get the money?

- He's given you access for a day? Did he tell you not to withdraw the money?
- He didn't think of it. He thought I couldn't.
- Did he tell you he was planning to defraud the American government by producing a false document showing you had access to money you didn't have access to?
- He said he could explain that he simply changed his mind later.
- So the money is yours as far as you know until he changes his mind?
- Yes.
- I think you should try to get your money, because it is yours for the day. The bank statement is worthless. We can't send a false financial statement to the American government.
- OK, I'll go now.

What I had written to the ex-husband was that the wife had just played a similar trick on me: she told me she wanted me to come back with her to Hungary to testify on her behalf at her trial. There was a check from an insurance company for a wrecked car in both our names: I said, use the money for tickets to Hungary. After I signed the check, and time came to buy the ticket, she disappeared. Then reappeared with a puppy for me to look after. And the trip to Hungary?

Sorry, you've been tricked!