Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Beautiful Crime

As democrats we know that everyone is good and right and when they break the law they are punished but they are still good and right but have to be good and right someplace else for a while where we don't have to look at them and wonder how everyone can be good and right.

One good guy I know I have already written about. He is the U.C.L.A. student born in Taiwan who finds his self expression buying Apply laptop computers on Ebay then reselling them immediately locally on Craigslist. He's explained to me it is right that he lies to the people who buy the computers from him, good that he tells them he's had the computer for a long time, that he is not a dealer. It is good that he removes original parts and replaces them with generic copies, that he removes 50% of the screws anchoring the circuit boards to the case to later sell them to another dealer for a dollar a piece. It is right and good to make money this way because there is nothing real in life but money and power. What does he want the money for, I ask, since he is already rich? For one thing, he answers, to buy girlfriends, and eventually buy a wife. Women only care about money. The same as him, I ask? Yes.

He wanted me to come along to Peets coffee in Westwood where he liked to meet his customers for making a sale. I was supposed to be some kind of guard. So I find myself holding open the door politely as a very young man enters, wearing stylish blue jeans falling low in the gangster style from his hips, on his wrist an extravagantly showy cheap extra-large watch, also gangster style, a tight black shirt letting the world know he was extremely fit, and wearing a baseball cap with the shade titled low over his face. This was interesting. I remained by the door to watch.

While still standing, the U.C.L.A student from Taiwan displays to him the new in its box 2000 dollar computer cautiously from a distance. With a swift tug, the customer takes possession, and takes to his heels. He was out the door in a couple of seconds. The U.C.L.A student from Taiwan was temporarily stunned, then ran after uselessly. The customer was gone.

What more can I say? A beautiful crime.

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