Sunday, May 15, 2011

"My Favorite School" (Award Winning Essay)

My favorite school is U.C.L.A., The University Of California at Los Angeles. It is famous for its higher paying foreign students who sometime can speak a sentence in English with no more than two mistakes. Also, for its medical center. It is very advanced, and you should not hold it against them that a chief executive officer in their organ transport program had to go to jail for selling human organs. Or that FBI agents had to invade the Medical School to confiscate the records of a Radiology Professor illegally employed as a consultant to the Medical Corporations. It is very nice the way empty buses are circulating and emitting 100 decibel noise all day and most of the night. U.C.L.A. knows that if faculty had to waste time walking the University could not attract the best. In conclusion, you should consider yourself lucky that such an institution exists. Thank you for listening.