Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disobedient Children & Who Runs This Place? (Why Complaining, Criticizing, Scandal & Exposure Doesn't Change A Thing)

The disobedient children live in a country that lets them play their games so they are content.

The politicians live in a country that lets them play their games so they are content. They are also disobedient children.

The childish people don't care about the government and the childish politicians don't care about them. They all have their games.

When we grow up we pass from one game to another, from being children to being parents in our own family. We never stop playing games, but as we move on to being parents to our children we take some responsibility for choosing what kind of parents we will be. Being an parent is more than another role taken on, a new game to be played. The authority of parent over child comes from this educated choice. And the same can be true of the government.

We are children to the government when we rely on its protection, but we watch it and judge it in accord with the knowing way we have chosen in our private life a new game to play, passing from child to parent.

We are game makers, but we don't leave it to chance or the market what kind of games we make. The games have a purpose and we have caught sight of it. The authority of government depends on our being willing to choose it. The lack of this authority is why we are all disobedient children here, politicians and people alike.

P.S. A friend suggests I add this clarification:

The root of evil (American style) is not being responsible for the games we play. Americans are like children who don't recognize authority, even their own. Because they do not share the common game of choosing the best games, they have nothing in common, cannot submit themselves to the authority of shared agreement, and so stay disobedient children.

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