Sunday, May 29, 2011

Watches, Movie Producers, And Me At Starbucks Beverly Hills

- Everyone should have a regulator, a tourbillon, a minute repeater.
- Yes.
- When I was on the plane coming back here the attendant was flattering the man next to me in 1B for his watch. It was an ordinary Rolex. Cost only 10, 15 thousand. She saw my watch, told me it was a nice one too. When I bought it, it was 150,000. Now it's 350,000. Do you know it? With the tourbillon, power indicator? Only 50 were made.
- Yes. Do you mind if I go on talking to this guy sitting between us? I am trying to find out what he does. He says he does nothing. Never did anything.
- He's a trust fund baby. It's obvious.
- Let me ask him. Are you?
- No.
- What did you study?
- Philosophy. Then film-making.
- Alright, now I get the picture. You' re a failure. Couldn't succeed in the movie business.
- I didn't pursue it.
- Why not?
- I thought I would never get along with people like you.
- What did you do instead? Tell us.
- I have, you don't believe me. I went from place to place, read, and wrote in an unprofessional way.
- And was that a success? How did you make money?
- Dealt in old watches. Also in an unprofessional way.
- Ha. Time to go. I don't only have watches, I have a wife. See you guys.

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