Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Invisible Hand Of Death


At least a few times each year I hear someone telling me how the poor and unsuccessful deserve to die because that is evolution.

I have a standard reply: "Good for evolution? If someone dies before getting more chances for reproducing himself that is evolution. So it is good for evolution that I kill you now. Speeds things up. May I?"

So far no one has given me permission. In fact, there is a law of evolution that individuals do not care about evolution. How could they, since they can't know its goal, and even if they could, why should they as individuals be interested? Why should the corporate officer, who is explaining to me why money interests should run the country, let me kill him to speed up the unknown destiny of the species? How is that his business?

Corporations donate money to election campaigns and employ lobbyists to sell the idea that they should be allowed to do anything they want because it is in the interests of the country.

The interests of business are like the destiny of evolution. Like death in the operation of natural selection, economic and social death occurs in the destiny of money. First is unemployment. Second is class stratification.

This was just explained to me by a woman from abroad working in the US. Bosses like to hire people who don't speak correct English because without ability to express themselves their prospects in the organization are limited and they are no competition for the managers. Both unemployment and social class stratification are obvious market inefficiencies. Like death in evolution, they are the "natural" consequences of uncontrolled influence of interest groups on democratic government.

I make the corporate businessmen the same offer I make the evolutionists: "As you can speed up evolution by offering your life, you can speed up the destiny of money by sacrificing your corporations to the cause."