Tuesday, June 7, 2011

While You Wait In Line To Enjoy The Music Your Entire Life Will Be Judged

This morning sitting out on the terrace at Starbucks the producers of a telephone linked security and tracking system were meeting with a prospect. The system is already up and running at several clubs. One club has logged in more than 50,000 "patrons".

When you want to listen to your favorite music in your favorite club, the doorman asks you to present papers showing you are old enough to legally enter. The new procedure improves upon this. Your driving licence is demanded, then scanned into a mobile phone that is connected to a web site located data base. Accessing that data base, the club will now know when you last visited. It will have your legal name and be able to use it access your criminal history and prior residences and places of business. Your being there in the club will be compared to all the other places you have been in your life. Your entire life will be judged while you wait in line to enjoy the music.

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