Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Market

A New York Times article* published this week recounts how our President asked Steve Jobs of Apple to bring his company's factories back to the U.S. Jobs said No. Free market economics. It's cheaper and better there over in China. The article continues to explain why. More or less slave labor living in factory dormatories. Factories built to order by Chinese government subsides.

So what do we have here? American corporations, the product of American life, our creativity, our institutions, our optimism, our boldness, exercise their right to free market choices, which involves taking advantage of China's no free anything: no civil rights, no economic rights, and no free market economics either!

Corporations, our Supreme Court says, have the right to free speech, and this is what corporations say: the ideas of free market economics are to be promoted and sold to the government so corporations like Apple can take advantage of lack of free market economics.

Without a free market in stupidity they'd never gotten away with it.

Noam Chomsky on The Free Market Religion
* See also this New York Times article.