Friday, January 27, 2012

It's A Conspiracy!

While you weren't looking, this week George Soros, Billionaire money speculator and object of conspiracy theories of the Jewish Banker variety, wrote in the New York Review Of Books that the world's bankers and politicians, Jewish and otherwise, seem to be deliberately provoking world wide civil war.

He doesn't offer an explanation for this, but does say, halfheartedly, there is a possibility that the bankers and politicians are simply incompetent.

I have my own theory about conspiracy theories. They weaken you, turn you into a complainer and victim. Conspiracy theorists should act, they should conspire to destroy the conspiracy, otherwise keep quiet. Their openness discredits itself.

Here then is my own, non conspiratorial explanation, for the coming destruction of the world.

Once bitten, twice shy, not bitten, not shy at all. The bankers and politicians they employ have always seen everything go their way. Failure always turns to success. Sometimes the tables are overturned, but the players always come back and lose to them even more than before. The bankers and politicians they employ are universal geniuses, they can't help but conclude. There is only one game in town and its theirs.

So, fellow players, fellow losers, it's out in the open now. What are we going to do about it? Our happy-go-lucky leaders are deliberately driving the world to destruction.