Saturday, January 28, 2012

Geoge Soros Knows What Is Coming

In a 2002 article in The New York Review Of Books, George Soros warned:
Current policies are leading to a prolonged depression, political and social conflicts, and an eventual breakup not only of the euro but also of the European Union.

Soros works with two basic ideas:

1. Boom and bust cycles. Unrealistic optimism where the herd of optimists imitate and predict each other's actions. Followed by bust, a realistic pessimism where the herd of pessimists imitate and predict each other's actions.

2. Admission that the principle that unregulated markets will benefit everyone equally is false.

Following the false economic principle of free markets benefiting all, most of the world has gone from boom to bust, but not the bankers and politicians, who because of their ability to control governments with their money are still in a boom. They are richer than ever, than in any time in world history.

Soros made his billions predicting how people followed each other in their stupid fantasies and then followed each other in disillusionment. If anyone knows you can't reason with successful herd fantasy it is Soros.

Soros knows what is coming.