Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bread & The Corporation

A Supermarket In Beverly Hills

- You say you're a man of god when you're not working behind the counter, right?
- Not only say, I hope. And not only when not behind the counter.
- I'd like to have an over the counter opinion. Have you seen this? Joe's Killer Bread? It says on the back how Joe was in jail for a dozen and more years and when he got out he got the idea he should do something productive like baking bread.
- How is it?
- Made with more organic grains than Joe's years in jail and filled with a lifetime sentence of organic sugar. Pretends to be healthy but addicts you with sugar to repeat your purchase. Typical corporate product.*
- The CEOs of corporations pay people to kill, so you can say all the bread you buy at a market like this one is killer bread. Do you know the difference between a killer and murderer?
- No. What?
- The bible tells the story of how Moses saw a Jewish slave being whipped by his master. Moses looked to the right and to the left, then killed the torturing master and buried him in the sand. But later people kept coming up to Moses asking him, do you know about that body buried in the sand? The difference between a killer and a murderer is trying to hide.
- So Moses was a murderer and a bad guy but Joe the killer-baker is a good guy because he tells us he's a murderer. Like the CEOs of the corporations that sell his bread are proud of bribing politicians to start wars to get the government to buy their products, and even proud to get the Supreme Court to say it's legal to bribe politicians. But do you want to eat bread baked by murderers? Sorry, I mean killers?
- Why not?
- I like bread, not just eating it. I like the idea of what it is, the way it rises in the oven, I like that grains are gathered from fields I can imagine are beautiful.
- Killers are beautiful too.
- Yes, that's the message we're buying with the bread.

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