Saturday, April 23, 2016

Freedom of Speech Comes to The University of California

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Note concerning LinkedIn members making mass exodus* after reading this story: it seems even a little Rabelaisian language disrupts the clean work place that is believed to make for greatest efficiency in work life: but who ever said we were allowed to separate work from the rest of life? I certainly didn't. Doing so means accepting an unreality that makes real compassion impossible (see here), and means being a slave to the forces of history that create and maintain that clean work and play place (see here). So, to the compassion-less and willing-slave LinkedIn members making mass exodus: goodbye and good riddance. (RM)


The University Of California, Los Angeles

(Continued from Cleansing Minds)

- Still a free man, I see. What happened?
- I'm suspended from the University. The police followed me from the administration building until I left the campus.
- Suspended until when?
- I'm going to a hearing on Tuesday.
- And your crime was?
- Not living up to the standards of student conduct.
- You sent insulting emails to your professors.
- After they insulted my ethnicity.
- Which you don't care about.
- They insulted other ethnicities too.
- Which you don't care about. What will you tell them on Tuesday?
- I was upset, drinking too much because I was upset.
- The conduct unbecoming a student the University suspended you for was your use of foul language?
- Yes. Don't I have the right of free speech?
- The rules say some kinds of speech should be contained.
- The professors didn't contain their offensive speech.
- But in their minds they were being charming, informal, likable, breaking the mold.
- So my story should be: my professors were having fun expressing themselves, the truth is, I was having fun too. I should go to the administration hearing tomorrow, explain to the Deans your theory, 'it's all in fun', and I should have fun with them too?
- How would you have fun with them?
- Are you going to publish this?
- As fiction. It is not you who's talking.
- In your fictional world, I'd go in and say to all assembled, 'I've got something to show you', and whip out my big dick.
- And what would their reaction be?
- They'd be impressed.
- By what? Your impromptu, playful, out of the box behavior?
- By the size of my big dick.
- You really think so?
- What about you? What have you to say about size? Let's hear your Philosophy of Dicks. Your Prickology.
- Primitives believed spirits good and bad could be trapped in statues, ceremonial cloths, figures of genitals, etc. Strength and spirit could be transmitted to you from the containing object through the eye. Objects both prevented this from happening, in the case of spirit containing statues, and facilitating this happening, in the case of genital representations. By your impromptu display you might be doing them either good or bad, depending on whether the spirit of your genitals is good or bad. Which is it?
- Bad for men and good for women.
- Your genitals do the service for the men of containing a threat, and for the women, the beauty of your genitals transmits its spirit to them. You of course are a student of the spirit, have made an in depth investigation of Sufi mysticism. What you did, in your profane emails to your professors, and imagine doing in your anatomical demonstration to the administrators, is show that one man's profanity is another's safekeeping and communication of spirit. Then there's the practical question. The question of fit, male organ to female. Big fits big, medium fits medium, small fits small. Perhaps you should explain to the university: they have their religion and you have yours. You contain and transmit spirit in your way and they in theirs. Unfortunately your way was perceived as profanity, as unfitting. Rather than being received in the spirit of containment and communication it was offered, they were offended by it.
- It's their problem.
- For being so small. Now what about this: our economy's pursuit of profit for the sake of profit, of constant unceasing increase in production and hoarding of goods, doesn't that indicate we see in each item hoarded and produced a captured and communicable spirit? Bigness for us is associated with more and more mindless producing and hoarding. And what about the pornography that pervades our society making use of size to communicate spirits of sexuality? And finally, there are the ancient Greeks, who preferred in their statues genitals in the open but on the small side. Do you know why?
- Why?
- Because sexuality for them was best put in the service of love and knowledge. My question for you is, which is it for the university, is their spirit more directed to the economic or the philosophical?
- In their pornographic pursuit of wealth and power they should like my big dick?
- Isn't that what you've been telling them?
* FREEDOM  OF SPEECH COMES TO LINKEDIN: Within two days of posting this story on LinkedIn over two hundred connections had disconnected themselves.